Arimaspia Class Space Station




Hull: Space Station
Class: Arimaspia-class
.Dimensions: 6.5km in diameter, approx.
Mass: 28.4 Megatonnes approx.
Crew: 25000 rated crew, 60000-80000 inhabitants, approx.

Speed: Immobile
Manouverability: Immobile
Detection: +25
Armour: 20
Hull Integrity: 60
Space: 80
Turret Rating: 2
Ship Points: 70

Weapon Capacity: 4 Keel Weapons

The common Imperial Space Station, cumbersome and well defended. The Arimaspia class was born from the Gothic Wars, and has become a staple of the Imperium for its strong defence, while not losing much of its habitation capabilities and duties as a Starport. Able to handle squadrons of Escorts, these stations become bastions on the fringes of Imperial Space, supporting its fleets and bringing light to the fringes of the Galaxy.


Space Station:
By its very nature a space station is completely immobile, including both realspace and warp travel, this means it does not require the same components, a space station requires the following Essential Components: Hull, Genatorium, Void Shield Array, Bridge, and Life Sustainer. In combat, a space station never moves or performs Manouver Actions. Otherwise, it should be treated as a starship during combat.

Huge Constructions:
A well sized and well armoured construction, the Arimaspia is a bastion in the void. As a result, the space station can be fitted with Cruiser Class components as appropriate.

Spacedock Piers:
Any space station is designed to dock with space faring vessels, the hull space has already been removed from the vessel for these piers, but 5 power will be required for the component. The Arimaspia station can allow 2 Cruiser class ships to dock with it, or 6 Escort class vessels in their place. These vessels can be repaired, resupplied, stocked with new crew and loaded with cargo. However installing components and other more complex tasks require the Drydock component from the station components list. This component also counts as a Strength 2 Landing Bay.

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Arimaspia Class Space Station

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