Station Weapon Components



Weapon Components
Component Hull Types Power Space SP Strength Damage Crit Rating Range
Saturnite Pattern Macrogattler All 4 8 4 5 1d10+2 4 6
Jovian Pattern Lithobolos Launchers All 4 10 5 8 1d10 6 3
Lathe Pattern Grav-Ballista All 4 4 3 1 2d10+2 2 8
Capilene Pattern Particle-Agitator Battery All 14 8 5 2 1d10+4 3 8
Landing Bays
Station Defence Wing All 2 4 2 +2


Saturnite Pattern Macrogattler
This archaic pattern of turret is a rarity in the Imperium, too large and unwieldy to be mounted on a starcraft, this huge turret fills the position of an entire broadside with a vast and complex mechanical loading system that spits death into the void with such force and speed that the reverberations from its fire has been known to shake the weapon apart when compromised.
Battle Turret: This component can only be mounted on the Keel or Dorsal slots of a Station.
Strained but Sturdy: If damaged, this weapon can still fire. Roll a 1d10 each time it is fired this way, on a 1 the weapon fires, before counting as destroyed as the damages compromise its superstructure. Any other result allows it to fire normally.

Jovian Pattern Lithobolos Launchers
Adopting a method approved of greatly by Imperial Surface generals, the Lithobolos installation coats a flank of a station with row after row of immense missile sockets. These are fired in rapid succession, and launch a devastating barrage into the void, easily overwhelming some of the largest vessels with the mass of explosives.
Manual Loading: This component can only be fired every other turn as time is taken to reload the immense stockpile of missiles.
Deviant Firing Solutions: Optionally, this weapon can be fired every turn if the Stationmaster elects to stagger reloading across the gun decks. This reduces the strength of the weapon to 4.

Lathe Pattern Grav-Ballista
Adopted from the Grav-Culverin designs of Het, the Grav-Ballista fires a single customised shell at incredible velocities, not dissimilar to a scaled down Nova Cannon. While lacking the power to do much damage to the integrity of a vessel, the penetrative power of the shell makes it a force to be reckoned with, starting fires, holing decks, and causing other incredible internal damages on every strike.
Overcharged Launch Capacitors: If this weapon is fired every other turn, it automatically inflicts critical damage on a hit. The Grav-tunnel used to fling each shell being overcharged to a deadly extreme.


Capilene Pattern Particle-Agitator Battery
These huge Lance weapons are surrounded by bundle after bundle of exposed cabling. Drawing on huge power charges to enable it to pour out devastating amounts of firepower. Tales surround these huge and ugly looking weapons batteries of a single salvo cleaving Escorts in half, decapitating cruisers and inflicting other horrifying volumes of damage.
Lance: This weapon ignores the armour of a starship when resolving damage.
Unstable Agitators: Should this weapon be damaged, it automatically starts a fire in itself, this can spread to other components same as any fire.

Landing Bays

Station Defence Wing
By providing dedicated training, the effectiveness of the Spacedock crews is increased massively, with expansions made to the huge ranks of open decking to allow for multitudes of craft to be brought in and out during a combat situation in order to protect the vessel.
Structural Compromise: Installing this reduces the Hull Integrity of the station by 4.
Expanded Defences: This is a component that can only be taken once, and is an upgrade applied to the Spacedock Pier’s Landing Bays aboard every station.

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Station Weapon Components

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