Velox Occisor




Hull Class: Raider
Ship Class: Meritech Shrike Class
Construction Date: 182.M41
Ship Dimensions: Approximately 2 kilometres long, 0.25 kilometres abeam at fins.
Ship Mass: Approximately 4.5 megatonnes.
Ship Crew Approximately 18000 Crew and Slaves
Acceleration: 5.9 Gravities maximum sustainable acceleration.

Essential Components

  • Modified Segrazian Pattern Jovian Plasma Drive “Viperdrive”
  • Strelov 1 Warp Engine
  • Command Bridge
  • Single Void Shield
  • Mexoa Pattern Gellar-Void Integrant Field
  • M-1.r Life Sustainer System
  • Slave-Pens
  • Deep Void Augery

Supplemental Components

  • Dorsal Mars Pattern Macrocannons
  • Prow Titanforge Lance Battery
  • Retrothruster Array



Complication: Martial Hubris
Past: Death Cults
Historically: Meritech Raider

The Velox Occisor began life in the baleful command of the Meritech during their furious war against the Imperium of the Calixis Sector in 211.M41 The Velox Occisor was one of the many ships that ranged ahead into the voids of the Calixis Sector to sow death and destruction. Under an unrecorded Captain, the Occisor lead a daring assault against Port Wander itself to cripple the inroad that might be offered on the flanks of the Meritech assault – however the endeavour was poorly coordinated, and when the Velox Occisor refused to flee from the waning battle, it was crippled. Languishing in the Void around Port Wander before eventually being towed in as Salvage. Bureaucratic fiddling and the general confusion in regards to the administration of salvaging a vessel of human manufacture but not of Imperial make lead to the Velox rotting cold in the dockyards of Port Wander for centuries. Until, bought through shrewd negotiation of the Haddon Household – the Velox was carefully restored to her former glory, with a few expenses saved and corners cut. Her first Voyage in centuries was made towed by a carefully hired Naval Escort to Footfall itself, where the reawakening Vessel awaited her new Captain and crew, with the void of the expanse awaiting them all.

With the brutal conditions of crew aboard the vessel, and its sordid and heretical past: it was not long before the vessel began to breed violent cults and death-worshippers deep within her lower decks, a potent stock of dangerous murderers, and a complacency about death amongst the crew was deemed to outweigh the risk of efficient blades for hire being bred under the shadow of her new Captain, and the cults have remained ( Perhaps even thrived ) in the bloody engagements that followed with House Echo’s violent appearance on the stage of the Koronus Expanse!

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Velox Occisor

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