Rogue Trader: A House Reborn

The Brighest Light
"The Past is Obdurate" - Ancient Terran Proverb

Estimated Date – Jovis, 33rd of Maia 9.208.874.M41

It was not for hours after their encounter with the stellar anomaly that the crew of the Velox Occisor would return to consciousness. They had become lost, knocked off course by the maelstrom of the Cauldron and lured in to some blighted system by a song that they simply could not refuse. Few men remembered the madness that followed, for few men resisted it. The ship’s Captain Quinn had been overcome with a desire to seek the heart of the system, and then for for most: the memory is white.

Now, on the bridge of the ship, the first man awoke, his clothing smouldered: his weapons and metal burning to the touch, and his figure awash with an astral smoke. He was a stranger here, he did not recognise these men and women, slumped at their consoles, nor did he know the bridge of this young ship. It was not his vessel, that much was clear: and whose it was appeared a mystery, for all that lay in the captain’s chair was a cloak of pallid white and vibrant grey, a Xenos unknown to this intruder.

In mere moments after that, another man began to awake. The High Factorum of the vessel was attempting to rise from his station, ears ringing, eyes burned with the imprint of that brightest light. He did not know who came to his aid, he could not see or hear them, it was not until he was stood and resting against the bridge cogitator that he took note of the stranger on the deck. A tense few words followed, demands of names, justifications and finally a gun was drawn, with a pertinent question hissed to the intruder on the bridge, on threat of immolation. ‘What year is it?’ the High Factorum asked. The intruder answered curtly, insulted by the simple demand. “As far as I can recall, the mission clock read 999.M40”.

So it was on 874.M41, that the bridge crew of the Velox Occisor, found themselves the carrier’s of a most unusual individual.

It would not be long before the remaining crew awoke, the infatuated Enginseer Prime hastened to assess the status of her beloved ship, the Velox Occisor was limping, whole swathes of the vessel unpowered with widespread external sensor damage and severe damage to the prow Lance battery, as well as nearly a thousand crew unaccounted for and presumed dead, merely slaves to some, but valuable slave-drivers were numbered amongst their lot. The Navigator, the hulking figure that truly owned the vessel quickly commandeered discussions to vet this strange arrival from another time, learning much of his origins and qualities in a few moments of tense probing. This arrival was the head of a faultering household, the Echo Dynasty. None knew of this ancient house, forged in the Angevin crusade – but even so, the Freebooting Captain who vanished from the vessel bore the same name, if not the same warrant. A philosophical puzzle for another day, as much more pertinent issues had arisen.

The remaining bridge crew began restoring the vessel to functioning order as they gradually awoke, rudimentary observations revealed the ship was floating in deep void, the sector was unknown, and the specific location a simple mystery. Realising the mutinous slaves would not stay placated for long with the disappearance of Captain Quinn, the Warp Guide elected the new arrival as temporary Captain of the vessel, to command them safely to Port Wander. So, in the stead of the missing Quinn Echo, the Captain Cato Echo took command of the Velox Occisor, in what was surely to become an unusual partnership between the long gone household, and the strange Navis Nobilite House Haddon.


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