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Often, an item is not simply available to the budding explorer, especially not in large volumes. In order to combat this, a detailed list has been created for the modifiers and time required to craft items, on a single scale, and an industrial level! These modifiers can either be applied to acquisition checks to acquire the manufacturing run, or to trade checks to produce the items, this also applies to command and/or trade checks to oversee large scale production.

Item Scarcity Modifiers
Rarity Modifier Base Crafting Time
Ubiquitous +50 1 day
Abundant +30 1d5 days
Plentiful +20 1d10 days
Common +10 1 week
Average +0 1d5 weeks
Scarce -10 1d10 weeks
Rare -20 1 month
Very Rare -30 1d5 months
Extremely Rare -50 1d10 months
Near Unique -70 1 year
Unique -90 1d5 year
Order Scale Modifiers
Scale Test Modifier Crafting Time Modifier
Negligible (Single) +30 One Time Value Down
Trivial (2 – 10) +20 x1/4
Minor (10 – 50) +10 x1/2
Standard (50 – 500) +0 x1
Major (500 – 2000) -10 x2
Significant (2000 – 10000) -20 x4
Vast* (10000 – 250000) -30 One Time Value Up
Immense* (250000 – 1 Million) +40 Two Time Values Up
Titanic* (1 – 10 Million) +50 Three Time Values Up
Incomprehensible* (10 Million +) +70 Four Time Values Up
> *These values can only be performed by populations of a million or more, with industrial manufacturing techniques.


Quality Modifiers
Quality Modifier Crafting Time Modifier
Poor Quality +10 x1/2
Common Craftsmanship +0 x1
Good Quality -10 x2
Best Craftsmanship -30 x4
Population Modifiers
Population Modifier Crafting Time Modifier
< 1000 -30 x10
< 10000 -10 x4
< 100000 +0 x2
< 1 Million +10 x1
< 10 Million +30 x1/2
< 100 Million +50 x1/4
1 Billion or more +70 One Time Value Down
Technology Level Modifiers
Technology Level Modifier
Primitive -20 (+30 for Primitive Items)
Feudal -10
Industrial +0
Advanced +10
Imperial +20
Forge World +30
Completed STC* +50
Advanced Xenos* +70
>*These are only for specific installations and will not be typically available.


Success and Failure Results
Result Effect
3 or More DoS The item is put up by one quality rating, and the volume of production goes up by 10%, production time is halved.
2 DoS There is a 10% surplus produced, production time is halved.
1 DoS Production time is halved.
Success No change
Failure Production time is doubled.
1 DoF Production time is doubled, the item goes down one quality rating.
2 DoF Production time is doubled, the item goes down one quality rating, and only half of the order is produced.
3 or More DoF The order is failed and the funds are squandered.

These supplies at the end refer to the volume of materials provided to produce the items by trade route classes. In terms of producing by volume supplied, two units of raw ore, harvested from worlds: must be provided to create one refined unit of metal or material, created from the raw. Two units of refined material, can be used to produce on unit of produce. In order to work out the difficulty check or modifier for craft, the volume produced by one unit, or megaton unit, is equivalent to half the unit weight, divided by the product weight. For example:

Broker Fowl wishes to produce a new supply of las-weapons for the Babylon Order. He will need only two tonnes of refined material, easily produced from a single basic unit of ore. His end product is lasguns, each one is assumed to weight 10kg total, including ammunition boxes of 10 clips and replacement parts, for simplicity. This means that the 400 lasguns will weigh 4 tonnes. Meaning he requires 8 tonnes of refined industrial materials. (Some more complex items may require multiple material types, putting a lot more refined material into their production. ) Now he is able to make the check against the Order’s Profit Factor of 30.

The Lasguns are Average rarity, giving them a +0 and a production time of 1 to 5 weeks. Producing 400 of them is a standard scale, applying a +0 and not changing the time frame. He wants good quality Lasguns, applying a -10 and doubling the production time. He is using arms facilities built on Footfall to produce them, Footfall has a population of around 10 million, applying a +30 to the check and halving production time, however without any supplies, local ones must be used, adding a -10. Finally, Footfall has Advanced Standard forge practises, given its lack of Imperial Authority. Applying a +10. This makes for a final check of +20, with a production time of three weeks. He rolls, and makes the check. A failure, rolling a 53. This doubles production time but has no further effects on the delivery of the lasguns.

If a raw version of a material is already present, be it freshly produced by a colony or delivered en masse – the refining process is modified by the type of raw material being modified. The rarity of these productions is as follows, and for the full check, assume all refining is good quality, inflicting a -10 but no choices of quality:

Refining Industrial Materials
Material Type Modifier
Industrial Minerals Common
Ornamental Scarce
Radioactives Rare
Exotic Material Very Rare
Curative Average
Toxin Scarce
Vivid Accessory Rare
Juvenat Compound Very Rare
Exotic Compound Extremely Rare

To see that his order is better supplied next time, Broker Fowl want oversee the production of the refined materials himself, to count as a specific supply of materials. To do this, he requires 16 tonnes of raw industrial metals. He puts in an order for 40 tonnes of refined materials, and begins to brief the Artisans of the Manufactorums about his order. Industrial metals are a common ( +10 ) to be refined, and refining 40 units of it is a standard ( +0 ) volume. All refining is assumed to be good craftsmanship ( -10 ), and with the equipment on footfall, he gets a ( +30 ) for the population size, as well as a ( +10 ) for the Manufactorum technology. This is counted as an excess mission, so he fains a further ( +10 ). The Broker Fowl rolls against his score of 30, with a +50. He gets a 14, getting a whopping 6 degrees of success! Producing a very useful 22 tonnes of refined industrial materials in just over a week!

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Produce and Production

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