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Transporting materials throughout the void is not always a simplistic Endeavour. In order to gain a more detailed understanding of materials transportation, there is a structure to how ships are assigned units of storage, that can hold certain numbers or amounts of items for use. These are broken down into two categories:

  • Unit Storage
  • Megaton Storage

These classifications are for the difference in volumes between unassigned cargo space, and dedicated transport space in transport ships or similarly equipped vessels. Unit storage contains roughly 120 tonnes of material per unit, contained within secured munitorum armoured containers. While megaton storage is roughly 120 000 tonnes of material per unit. Again, contained within secured containers or in specialised storage tanks.

The volume of units a ship has is determined by its class and weight, as described in the rulebook. Military vessels cannot store Megaton weights without refitting, as their cargo space is taken over by munitions storage. However Transport ships do come with megaton storage, given by their main cargo hold. In both cases additional cargo fitting can increase the volume the ship can transport.

To work out the basic storage space:

For all ships, their storage space is equivalent to their mass multiplied by 4. Examples are as follows:

Meritech Shrike Class Raider, 4.5 Megaton Mass: 18 Storage Units.
Ambition Class Cruiser, 25 Megaton Mass: 100 Storage Units.
Universe Class Mass Conveyor, 60 Megaton Mass: 240 Storage Units.

As well, the volume of Megaton units a vessel can carry is equivalent to its megaton mass, which should in turn imply that the vessel has roughly a quarter of its weight given over to transporting extreme volumes of material. Examples are as follows:

Carrack Class Transporter, 8 Megaton Mass: 8 Megaton Storage Units
Universe Class Mass Conveyor, 60 Megaton Mass: 60 Megaton Storage Units.

These amounts can be increased by further giving over portions of the ship to dedicated cargo bays. Each additional Main Cargo Hold adds 4 Megaton Storage Units to a ship’s capacity, and other cargo holds will be given appropriate values. Specialist storage, such as Barracks, Passenger Quarters and more are not able to give Megaton Storage Units, unless they are being used to store the specific item they are designed for. In this case, they can carry the space used to fit them on a vessel as their Storage Units.

These stores for military personnel are effective space for transporting any kind of military unit. Getting these men to the surface of a planet is a question not to be answered here, but there is a rule of thumb for the volume of men a Barracks can transport. Each Barracks can carry a single Brigade of Infantry. This equates to 20000 men (5000 per unit of space) This of course may be split into the multitudes of companies and Battalions that this could be divided into. The classification of the unit makes no difference on the volume of men stored. However, units of other types are carried in scaled amounts, as follows:

Infantry = 20000 men
Cavalry = 10000 men, including their mount.
Mechanised Infantry = 4000 men, and their 200 vehicles.
Armour = 2000 Vehicles, and around 10000 crewmen.
Artillery = 1000 Vehicles, and around 10000 crewmen.
Aircraft = 500, and 10000 service crew.

Superheavy Units = 100 and 10000 service crew. (Heavy Armour, Artillery and Aircraft)

Luxury Passenger Quarters
Luxury Passenger Quarters each provide comfortable living space to up to 1000 PF’s worth of noble passengers in luxurious comfort (The richer the passenger, the more space given). Luxury Passenger Quarters may be reconfigured to transport larger populations. This requires a Difficult (-10) Tech-Use check, and takes one week. When this has been performed, 25000 civilians can be carried by the Quarters.

Rather than a Main Cargo Hold, a Jericho Class Pilgrim vessel is assumed to carry 4 Passenger Quarters minimum. Reconfigured to store civilians rather than VIP Passengers.

This component allows Explorers to carry 10000 Prisoners of War, if these are held the crew can elect to force these prisoners into servitude aboard the ship. For every 1000 prisoners held, gain 1 crew population. However, the unrest caused by these new unruly slaves is clear, and this action inflicts 1 morale loss for every 2 points of Crew population gained.

Further details coming soon.

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Ship Holds and Stores

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