Galactic Details:
Segmentum: Obscurus
Sector: Koronus Expanse
Subsector: The Cincerus Maleificum
Discovery Date: 741.M41
System Authority: Unclaimed
System Description: Heavy-Element Nebulaic system, Anomalous Warp-stasis recorded and Xenos presence recorded
Solar Properties:
Stars: 1
Luminosity: Dull
Class: O Class Blue Hypergiant
Planetary System:
Known Planets: Cobalt.b, Cobalt.c
Known Gas Bodies: Cobalt.d, Cobalt.e
Known Natural Satellites: Cobalt.b.1, Haddon’s Throne
Known Minor Satellites: 7 Lesser Orbitals, 1 Captured Asteroid
Solar Elements:
Known Asteroid Presence: 2 Belts, 1 Cluster
Known Nebula Presence: 2 Gaseous Belts
Known Gravitational Anomalies: 4 Riptides Recorded
System Value
System Element Mineral Supply:
Inner Cauldron Belt: Limited Industrial Metals
Primary Biosphere Belt: Major Industrial Metals, Sustainable Gemstones, Limited Exotic Material
Primary Biosphere Cluster: Significant Radioactive Materials, Significant Industrial Metals, Significant Ornamental Minerals, Sustainable Exotic Materials

Anomalous Elements:

System History:
Cobalt was first recorded among the Dolorium Vaults information in 741.M41 but was ignored largely, as the system was recorded minimally in wealth and habitability within the Information stacks. In 870.M41 A newly forged Magos took his Flagship and The Grace of Cogs to the system. Getting into difficulty in the Warp-locked region of space around Cobalt starved the Magos’ vessels out, The The Grace of Cogs was abandoned in the orbit of Cobalt.e while the Magos’ flagship fled to Cobalt.c it ultimately crashed through the atmosphere of the planet. Both Starships were counted as lost with all hands on deck, starved and trapped within the blue glare of Cobalt. No rescue came for the vessels, and they were eventually discovered by the arrival of the Off-course House Echo, subsequently the The Grace of Cogs was salvaged with the assistance of Stryxis Merchants in the cold and lifeless system. The Magos’ lost vessel remains still to be explored.

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