Ramilies Class Star Fort




Hull: Starfort
Class: Ramilies Class
.Dimensions: 9km in diameter, approx.
Mass: 54 Megatonnes approx.
Crew: 80000 rated crew, 20000 – 40000 inhabitants, approx.

Speed: Immobile
Manoeuvrability: Immobile
Detection: +30
Armour: 22
Hull Integrity: 75
Space: 100
Turret Rating: 3
Ship Points: 80

Weapon Capacity: 2 Prow, 2 Starboard, 2 Port, 2 Stern, 1 Dorsal.

Ramilies Class Star-forts are a class of gigantic semi-mobile space stations capable of moving through warp space. This class of star-fort exists in scant supply and are vital to the Imperial Navy as forward fleet bases, each one is capable of shortening campaigns by decades through it’s deployment.


Void Bastion:
Unlike most space stations, the Ramilies Class is mobile, although incredibly slow. The main extent of this ability is it’s power to traverse the Warp alongside Imperial Fleets. As a result, the Ramilies Class may be equipped with a Warp Engine and Gellar Fields from the Station Components list. However, during combat it may not take any Manoeuvre Actions, as it lacks Plasma drives.

Huge Constructions:
Given its monstrous size and warlike design. The Ramilies Class is able to field components up to Grand Cruiser class.

Fleet Fortress:
The Ramilies Class Starfort is not designed as an Imperial Station, and as a result may not be counted as a Colony.

The War Docks count as the Ramilies’ Spacedock Piers, these immense drydocks allow the Ramilies to Dock up to 4 Cruiser class vessels at a time. Down to 12 Escort class ships at a time. Ships docked with the Ramilies during battle may undertake repairs. This counts as Hard (-20) Emergency Repairs carried out by the Ramilies, and success restores all Damaged components to fully working order. Destroyed components cannot be repaired, success on this check also restores 1d5+DoS Hull Integrity to the vessel. These War-Docks count as Drydocks out of Combat, the appropriate Space has been removed from the vessel’s profile, but 10 power must be provided to this component during construction. This component also counts as a Strength 4 Landing Bay.

The Pride of the Imperium:
This Vessel is incredibly rare, and is unlikely to ever leave the hands of the Imperium. Similarly, its archaic construction prohibits the use of poorly trained crew. Any attempts to stock the Fort with crew of any rating lower than Veteran (40) will be met with power failures, damages and other issues as determined by the GM.

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Ramilies Class Star Fort

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